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New Jersey Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist

New York City plastic surgeon Dr. PearlmanIt’s a big decision to finally get that nose job you’ve always wanted. Finally, your face will be just right. But what happens if the operation goes wrong and instead of a perfect nose you end up with an undesirable outcome?

Bad nose jobs are uncommon, but they do happen. So now what? Naturally, you’re afraid to go through another rhinoplasty, but you can’t live with a crooked or ugly nose forever.

There is someplace you can turn: Dr. Steve Pearlman. He’s not only an expert in primary rhinoplasty, but he’s the best in the business for fixing nose jobs gone bad. Dr. Pearlman is board certified in facial plastic surgery and has years of experience operating on “do-over” nose jobs, repairing even the most difficult of cases. Dr. Pearlman has published medical journal articles and lectured around the world on revision rhinoplasty.

Dr. Pearlman and his staff also understand your concerns about going through facial surgery again, and can help ease your path through both the emotional and physical fears. We invite you to visit our office to talk about your problem and how we can help get that nose – and your life—back on track.


Revision Rhinoplasty

Patients seeking revision rhinoplasty have a number of concerns. The foremost is a poor aesthetic and functional result.

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